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On Monday 10th September I was invited with a group of Listed Building owners to a meeting at the House of Commons to discuss the issues faced by owners of listed properties.  The Listed Property Owners Club launched a petition in the summer to call upon the Chancellor of the Exchequer to reduce the rate of VAT to 5% on Listed Buildings repairs and renovations.  The club is well on its way to 10,000 signatures which will mean that the Government must respond.  The cost of maintaining these protected homes invariably faces a higher cost on work drawing on specialist trades and materials in the process. Having been involved in many such projects my experience is that the expense can sometimes lead to a delay in works, reduction on the amount of work undertaken and even a reconsideration of the project as a whole leaving buildings falling short of important renovation work.

Whilst it is important to protect the very essence of these remarkable properties the relief on tax would not only benefit the owner but in the long term ensure that works on historical properties are regulated and are carried out using appropriate methods. Furthermore, these properties need future proofing if they are to sustain a relevance in the next generation.

The club will keep up the momentum of the petition in the coming weeks whilst the APPG chairman Craig Mackinlay MP will be formally urging the Chancellor to consider the VAT reduction.

If you are able to make a difference and support the maintenance of our historic landscape please follow this link to sign the petition at www.lpoc.co.uk/vatpetition


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