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There’s a favourite saying of mine that if you want something done, ask a busy person.  In this case I regretfully admit that I have taken the best part of a year in arriving at my companies new website.  It has a very different feel to provide a clean and clear insight into what we do best.  I am often asked this question.  “What do you do?”  To me I think it is fairly obvious but in reality Interior Design and creating living spaces that perform for our clients is a complex undertaking.  The immense amount of materials and finishes that are on offer today as a selection process can be too much for most individuals who wants to get the interior presentation of their property correct.  If one were to factor in the responsibility of dealing with a period property, possibly in a conservation area or Listed with conditions and constraints on the alterations you would be right to consider experts in this field.

Our new website has the aim to help understand the value expert advice can bring to any project with historical content.  Establishing an understanding with planners as to the extent of the project that you have in mind at the outset is critical.  Before sending in costly architects drawing and plans to councils we consider pre planning applications with consultants that work with conservation properties essential.  You will need to obtain Listed Building approval in addition to an approved application. The inspectors look for proposals that reflect a sensitive solution to the listed building and the effect this will have on the special architectural and historical interest.  There are a wealth of suitable options how these buildings can be restored and the materials that are used and the people who are commissioned to renovate these properties are of intrinsic value to the project.

After 30 years in this industry the love and passion I still have for this complex industry is stronger than ever. It is the love of establishing connections with the owners and the property and a little magic thrown in for good measure.  Taking a property with rich old stories, peeling back the layers to find the bones and giving them new life.   It is therefore no wonder that I’ve been kept busy to the point that the new website has suffered at the hands of a very busy person.

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